Why won't "Just a few questions" go away?

“Just a few questions” coming up when I try to download a model from 3D Warehouse. I fill it in but it just whirrs, eventually clears then takes me back to where I was. Then the same loop repeats. Same happens on Chrome browser or opening 3DW from within desktop Sketchup. I’ve tried signing out & in again. I’ve made sure I’m allowing cookies. What else can I do…??
Help much appreciated please as currently I’m stuck… thanks.

Are cookies being blocked?

Hi Colin

Thanks. No – I’ve tried everything – clearing my cookies cache, allowing all cookies (I was blocking 3rd party before), even trying it on MS Edge instead of my usual Chrome.

Needless to say I’m logged into Sketchup.

I still can’t get “Just a few questions” pop up to accept my entries and go away…??

@psaal Do you have any ideas about this?

Would you do me a favor and click the Edit Profile link under your name/avatar in the menu? You should be taken to your profile page. Are any of the fields on this page empty? Country, Industry, Language, and at least 1 in Interests. No need for specifics of each… just if any of them are not completed. If any of them are empty you might want to try and select something and save them. Maybe that would stop it from popping up. It may also help us get to the bottom of this issue. Please let us know if that changes anything. Thanks.

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Thanks Eric

I’ve just tried that but it does exactly the same thing. I fill in the fields then press save and it just whirrs round for ever….??