3D warehouse login issues

can anyone help me i am struggling to login to the 3D warehouse.it keeps telling authentication error

Try signing in by clicking on the Sign in button at the bottom left of the SketchUp window. The person icon in the circle.

There have been other reports of similar problems. Signing in this way sometimes works. Sometimes it requires clearing the IE Temporary Internet folder and caches or possibly updating IE.


I made a sliding gate and electric gate motor. I want to make the gate slide open on click. Like you do with cabmaker with kitchen cupboard drawers. I tried the same formula in the component attributes. It opens the gate and closes it automatically without me clicking on it and when it stops it is not at the same point it started at.

Oh and i did not come right with signing in to extension warehouse i had to reinstall sketchup

So you got the sign in thing working?

Your other issue is about making a Dynamic Component? You should probably start a new thread in the Dynamic Components forum. And share the gate component you made.

When are they going to fix the log in issue? It has been at least three weeks so far that I too have the broken log in connection with warehouse. I can normally fix it by toggling on and off the other sign on panel.

But has this been broken since 2016 was launched or are only some accounts broken?

I’m not sure where the problem really lies. I don’t have any problems with getting signed into the 3D Warehouse or Extension Warehouse on my computers. I use SketchUp pro on four different computers and it hasn’t been a problem.

I’ve had this issue couple of times in different machines.
But it seems like, once you are clear, it doesn’t really come back.

Clearing cache in IE, and attempting multiple times took care of the problem.

Ah, honestly, I never cleared any cache… I simply toggled back and forth with the log in panel on bottom left and this eventually fixes it.

So maybe if I clear the cache it will fix it.

To be honest Rick that is really annoying to read.
One of the first, simplest and most common fixes is Clear the IE Cache.
One of the most common and annoying replies is, I don’t use internet explorer, next.

Reboot computer, clear cache, turn power off and back on…I can’t think how many times these and other similarly basic things have fixed a multitude of issues.

I use about 20 different
sites and about 8 different software programs and I have never had
problems with logging in where I have to clear a cache. I don’t think
there is anything common about not being able to log in because one does
not manually clear their cache.
I must be extremely lucky if this is a common problem with other sites or programs.But maybe this is because I don’t use Internet Explorer? So forgive me for not ever having done this or knowing that I have to do this.

I meant it was annoying only because it is the common answer here. Not for 20 other sites.
I also didn’t mean it badly, just commenting on the frustration of sometimes giving the answer many times but the questioner doesn’t actually read or understand what you have suggested they try.

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No worries.

I understand what you meant now. To illustrate why I want to know the source of the problem or when it will not have to be manually cleared/fixed…

I have an Ebay app on my phone, and a third party app that even accessess the same Ebay account. I have never had any glitches in regards to just signing in even with free, third party applications that access servers and accounts.

So I was originally curious as to when the sign on problem would be fixed or the source of the problem that we have.