I can't sign in to my 3D warehouse account

I can’t sign in to my 3D warehouse account


Does it give an error? What browser are you using? When is the last time you were able to sign in? More information will ne necessary to get you the help you need.


Thanks for helping me Drew. No it does not give an error. In fact in acts like I’m signed in, but I am unable to upload models, and it keeps asking me to sign in. I believe my browser is MSN. The last time I was able to sign in was about 4-5 days ago. This started right after I downloaded from the extension warehouse the Ruby Window feature. I decided I did not like it so uninstalled the software. I had a hard time doing that, so my brother who is an IT did if for me. I’ve noticed that I’m always signed in on the extension warehouse, even after I go and sign out. I don’t know if that is the same sign in as the 3D warehouse or not. After I sign out of the extension warehouse, the 3D warehouse will let me put my password in, but nothing happens. When I hit sign in again, it doesn’t even let me put my password in. When I go back to extension warehouse, I’m signed in even though I keep signing out. Again, thanks for your help. Steve


Let’s try the simple solution first. Do you know how to clear your cache?

If you are using Windows 7, close all browsers, and hit the ‘Start’ button. Select ‘Control Panel’ and select “Internet Options” from the list or icons. Next hit the ‘delete’ button and make sure all options are selcted with check marks . Hit the delete button again, and wait for it to finish.

With Windows 8, you will have to Search for the Internet Options application and follow the instructions above.

If that doesn’t work, the next step might be to uninstall and reinstall Sketchup completely.


Are you by chance using SketchUp 2013?

v2014 sometimes lags a bit, then freezes for a moment, then loads. I think its my connection or maybe a slow server. Wait it out?

Click on the gear icon in your browser (MSN?, IE?) and see what version you’re running. We sign you into SketchUp, Extension Warehouse and 3DWarehouse simultaneously, and it appears that while Extensions signs you in, 3DWarehouse is struggling. Try it in the browser first, get it working there, then see if it’ll work in SketchUp.

I use Google Chrome.

I have two (2) Google accounts. Only one (1) is associated with SketchUp, the 3DW and the EW.

If I have logged into my “other” business Google account, in a browser session, but have logged out, and I attempt to log into THIS forum, 3DW or EW, with my associated account,… I get an error, and a popup dialog ask me to create a new SketchUp account.

I have to completely close the Chrome browser and restart it, in order to log into any SketchUp site (including THIS forum site,) with my Google account associated with SketchUp.

Dan, that’s because we’re using OpenID to aggregate your OAuth logins to multiple properties. If you sign in, then open up another tab and go to gmail.com, you’ll see that you’re signed in to gmail (Mac). You can’t log into 2 accounts easily in Chrome - you have to sign into Chrome, and even then it doesn’t work flawlessly for Google.

We figured it’d be useful for the majority of cases to authenticate people for all the properties. Those of us with multiple gmail accounts for different uses are the outliers.


Drew, I did clear my cache. That did not work. So I deleted my sketchup 2014 and installed sketchup 2015. Now everything seems to work fine. I can’t thank you enough. Everybody else who also tried to help, thank you. Steve

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