Sticking Objects

I’m working on a model that someone else created that has two levels. When I import objects (like furniture) and place them on the second level, they aren’t sticking just to that level, but appear floating in air when you switch to the first level. The model’s creator uses IOS and showed me that Cntrl I allows you to assign a level to an object. However, this command doesn’t work on my Windows system. Could anyone please give me the step by step instructions for accomplishing this function on Windows and please word it as you are explaining to an idiot. Many thanks.

How about sharing your .skp file so we can see what you are working with?

I wonder what that actually means. Ctrl doesn’t really have anything to do with controlling where a component gets placed.

I’m sorry, its a huge file and I have terrible bandwidth. The command he used was a right click, control I in Apple. From this he was able to assign the object to a Scene. Each level of the building is on separate scene.

It sounds like you don’t have a clear understanding of SketchUp. You can’t assign an object to a scene. In SketchUp, scenes are basically just views of the model. What you see in a scene has to do with the camera position and things like which tags are visible. Once you have a component in the model you can assign a tag to it to control its visibility. As for placing it in space, you can insert it into the model space and move it to where it should go. If the component has been properly made, its origin will be in a useful position to make it easy to insert. Unfortunately it’s not uncommon to find components in the 3DWH that haven’t been properly made and require more work to insert than they should.

You should probably spend some time going through the SketchUp Fundmentals here:

Thank you.