Layers and scenes issues

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I have searched old posts and think I have found the answer, but thought I’d double check, so appologies for asking again. When I add a new object (component or group) in a scene, it then appears in all preceding scenes, and I have to then delete and update those scenes. I have read the discussions about using Layer 0 for all geometry, but find the need to assign layers to completed geometry (objects that have been made into components and/or groups) to hide them so I can continue modeling. I read in an earlier post where DaveR suggests using Auto-Invisible Layer extension to assist in this. Is there anything else I should or should not be doing that would expedite this issue. Unfortunately due to the nature of my workflow I have to go back and modify and/or add layers occaisonally.

You shouldn’t have to delete scenes just because you’ve create additional objects and assigned layers to them.

If you are going to be adding objects and layers after creating scenes the Auto-Invisible Layer extension is really the best option. I used to do that a great deal but have changed my work flow to minimize needing to add content by waiting to make the majority of scenes until after I’ve created all of the objects and layer/tags.

Make sure you are only assigning layers to objects (groups and components) and that you are leaving Layer 0 assigned to all edges and faces.

Thanks Dave, I think I’m finally understanding the concept of how to use layers. Everything I model now is made into a component and group before assigning layers, as I learned that the hard way. I will move up to the Pro version soon now that I got the 16" MacBook with a much more robust graphics card and learn all about tags…yikes.

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Tags is just the new name for layers

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I had the same problem.
+1 for Auto-Invisible Layer extension.

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