Step aside lidar machine.. I have a smart phone!

I thought I would share a video of an updated methodology of using multiple pictures and AI to create a high definition photorealistic 3D space which can be flown though… It won’t replace lidar scans for quite a while… I think… but I could see some amazing things come out of this technology.


Wow, just wow!

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It’s almost scary… They’ve used similar tech to capture several city blocks in San Francisco using over 2M photos.

they could even make it nighttime (2:51 in the video)

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Cool! I always try to imagine uses for architecture and modeling with different technologies. I don’t see how this affects either, except to show existing spaces. If somehow it can translate real world to usable geometry or other elements that can be used in models or renderings, that would be great.

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If the result can be exported to a 3D file, then we’d be in business!

Well, I was combining Placemaker and Match Photo to create a context model for a project before Zoning Board of Appeals to show how our project fit into the neighborhood and posted it here:

That was a fair amount of work. This would automate what I was doing. Pretty cool!

If it could. Yes. I don’t see any inference that it has anything to do with modeling or design presentations, but it shows the amazing direction that things are going (in some software anyway)

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don’t think I can keep 2.8 million photos on my Samsung phone :frowning:


Fret not, Google is making sure everyone and everything has been captured and is, I’m sure, safeguarding these photos on its own private servers for your safety and convenience :smiley:

**** Alphabet INC would like to know your location ****

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