LIDAR for Sketchup

Can anyone recommend and app, plugin or hardware or I’m looking for LIDAR to use in As-Builts or to measure the square footage of buildings on the interior or exterior?

Everything seems very expensive that I’ve seen so far.

Thanks, Billy

Leica DISTO at Amazon

Some handhelds are under 200 US.

Thanks Dan but I’m looking for the kind that can give me a point cloud to detect square footage of the side of a building or all the dimensions of a room? Those all seem to be only point to point?
This seems to be cutting edge but still expensive. Here’s what I’ve found
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FARO® first to bring simple as-built 3D cloud-based data management to BIM, Architecture, and Construction Information Management applications

Please see Extension | SketchUp Extension Warehouse.

OK so is this to be used on a jpg after importing into Sketchup? or is there some hardware I am unaware of that one needs to get? I do know there are some basic apps for my android phone that can measure off a picture but that can be done to any picture once you can guesstimate the size of something in the picture say a 6’8" door way or someones height standing in the frame.Then you can trace around things in the picture and work that way.
Also; I have sketchup 2014 Is this something that’s only available for SU 2016? or even 2015?
thanks for your time and whatever response.
Billy G

Scan explorer works with point cloud. If you want to use jpg images to create the model please see SketchUp Match Photo feature.

You can use Undet for Sketchup Undet for SketchUp | How to Model from Point Clouds in SketchUp? - YouTube