Who out there is using this or other scanning systems to create SU models?

I’m looking for a scanner setup to create concept models in SU…

Any of you folks using one of the systems in the link, OR other setups to import to SU?
Would be interested to see how you’re integrating these into your SU modeling.


Hi Randy. I found the video really interesting. I currently use a Faro 3D laser scanner to create highly accurate multi GB point clouds of building exteriors which I then import into SketchUp Pro and build high end glass structures directly onto them. I then extract the various elements of the structures from our models for manufacture including non square individual glass panels weighing 200KG+ which usually fit perfectly thanks to the scanners accuracy. I’m going to watch the video again when I have more time as it shows technology I wasn’t aware of. It looks like it could be really useful for visuals rather than an alternative to my 3D scanner.

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Thanks for the reply!
No doubt the Faro is the best tool for the job, but it is interesting to see how close the lower priced competitors are getting…

Would love to see some of your renderings from your captures!

Im using Trimble Realworks (with trimble scanners) to model (trace) over top of large point clouds of building exteriors.
It Links into sketchup directly so nice and easy…very intuitive.

It has basic automodellling functions such as detecting and making planes, walls, columns etc.

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Hi randyl

Sorry - I just noticed your request.

Below are 3 images:

  1. example Faro 3D laser scanner point cloud imported into Sketchup Pro 2019
  2. in progress image of a glass structure being built directly onto the point cloud
  3. finished render using V-Ray for SketchUp

Hope that helps.



hello, i’m using point cloud manager this week, trial version. It’s quite fun ! although I believe it would be quicker the “old” way. I mean : slicing the point cloud into 2d representation and model everything up from it in sketchup. sometimes too many details is a waste of time ! but the plugin works well, only had one bug splat so far

there was a really cool app on android that allowed 3d scans with phones, and it was free ! not very precise but quite impressive :

unfortunately, they stopped, and the app si no longer available :frowning:


Wow thanks for the replies everyone!

Some really interesting implementation of 3D scanning into your SketchUp you guys are using.

Feels like the future to me.