How to import cloud point data form a faro scanner into sketchup


how to import cloud point data form a faro scanner into sketchup


Have a look at this tool from Trimble

Trimble Scan Explorer Extension — Trimble Extension Warehouse


Thanks for that, I do have Trinble scan explorer, however it seems it is
not combatable with FARO ,fls scans, unless you know of a convertor


download/use FAROs free Scene LT to export to the DXF format.


You can use point cloud directly in SketchUp with Undet for SketchUp:


I often use a Faro 3D Laser scanner to accurately capture building geometry for the purpose of glass structure detail design.

I use the Faro Scene Software to create a Point Cloud which I export in .PTS format for SketchUp - I sometimes use a freelancer who uses Vectorworks who prefers the .E57 Point Cloud format.

I use the Undet for Sketchup extension to import the Point Cloud into SketchUp. The .PTS files are often >2GB but the resulting SketchUp files are very small as they only link to the .PTS files.

Even after creating a detailed mesh from the Point Cloud using the Undet Feature Extraction Tool the SketchUp file is usually only around 10MB .

Using sections from the the mesh I find I can design my glass units very accurately as I have the building geometry dimensions to around plus or minus 1mm.