I created a 3D MODEL with my PHONE!

I recently try a new app called Displayland which allows you to scan real objects with your phone and turn them into 3D Models. The details can be improved but honestly it’s really good for a 4-minute scan using my phone.

Here’s a tutorial video

Vray Model




What about uploading the SU file?

That’s how I rendered Vray. I covered how to do it in the video

Thats pretty cool, just downloaded app myself. Thanks

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That’s pretty good Minh. The created geometry isn’t too heavy either. Generating the bump maps really helps. Overcast lighting is key to getting a good texture result.

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Very cool. Thanks @thegentleminh!

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Minh, I can’t find Displayland in the App Store. Has the name changed?

Hello, unfortunately the service has been shut down

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OK, thanks. I didn’t see any others that seemed to work without buying a camera unit or having LIDAR.