Awesome 3D Scan App :0

I found this awesome free 3D scan app and it’s really cool, so I figured I’d share. The models import with relatively accurate dimensions, so you can trace real-world objects in 3D fast. I’ve been having so much fun with this app today scanning everything. :rofl: It’s called and it’s for IOS and Android in the app store.


Chris is 5’ 8". He won’t mind that you made him seem taller. The chair is about the right size for 5’ 3" me.

I’ve been using the app as well. Didn’t yet get anything like as clear a model as you. Using Skimp on the data helps.


Nice app tip! Scanned my Cat earlier. Her face says she was less than thrilled by the process.


You took one of her nine lifes…

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It doesn’t list any iPad’s as supported. My phone is too old.

It seems to rely on camera features added as of about iPhone 6. I’m not sure when or whether the equivalent went on iPad.

@RTCool and @slbaumgartner - FYI my scan above used the iPad pro’s camera. You can download apps as ‘legacy’ or whatever they call it. So screen not optimized for iPad but worked just fine.

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She’s 21 in human years so If I could take several lives and speed this process up I would :wink:

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Hello, what was your import/export process ?

Not sure about Eric, but I downloaded the glTF data and used an extension to import that into SketchUp.

I saved it as OBJ and imported via Transmutr (now that they finally released a Mac version). :+1: Then saved as .SKP format. You could go through Blender if you’re looking for a free option as that’s what I was doing before. Or check out Universal Imported: Which I haven’t tried yet. *EDIT: Universal Imported didn’t work for me. Will look into it.

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Thanks for your answer !
I have a couple of free OBJ importers but they’re either slow or don’t import materials… I’ll try this universal importer out ! (not willing to invest into transmutr as I don’t import OBJ files that often)

This app looks amazing indeed !

I imported the .OBJ into Blender, then exported a .DAE. All you need to know is the import & export buttons in the file menu in Blender. Put the .DAE in the textures folder and it should import into SketchUp with textures.

They want a bit too much information for my liking. As they say, there is nothing for free.

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Honestly, the GPS pin on each scan on the social media section is a bit too much information, but you can set location to never in your device settings. Then your location won’t show up on 3D scan posts. Btw, in case anyone is confused, is also a social media app where you can post your 3D scans.

I searched on play store for, ended with results like 3D scanner, Augment and so on. Which exactly did you use?

In Google Play it would be this one:

iTunes is:


Unfortunately my phone doesn’t support this version. Have to make do with what’s available. But thanks a lot.