LiDAR on Iphones

Is anyone else interested to see the implications of the LiDAR being added to the new IPhones/ IPads?
I am hoping it could be utilized for modeling existing items/ spaces and imported into Sketchup. I know I could certainly benefit from something like that to create as-builts that I could then retrofit into new models. I doubt I could use the imported model directly, as I would expect it to have too many polygons, that would be a nightmare to clean up in sketchup, but it would be nice if it could speed up the collection of dimensions to generate models of existing conditions.

Just curious if anyone else has been thinking about how to implement such a tool in there work flow.

There are a number of apps that do what you’re suggesting. Here is one I hadn’t tried before, but it works really well:

One thing to note, the LiDAR on an iPhone X is on the face cam side, the front facing camera doesn’t do that. The Scandy people have a mirror attachment you can get if you want to scan spaces while being able to see what you are scanning.