Lidar scanning / 3D import using iPad 12 pro

We are a designer & manufacturer of modular van racking for manufactured from plywood.
The racks that we produce are scribed to suit the particular model of van to follow the contours of the sides of the van, we then transfer Cartesian style coordinates manually into SketchUp.

We are exploring the possibility of scanning the internal surfaces of various vans in order to create models in 3-D. From these scans we want to import into SketchUp then take section slices at various points along the model, normally front middle and back.

Whilst we haven’t spent much time exploring this yet, our first attempts haven’t been very successful as the scanning and export seems to create a very complex mesh which is difficult to load and manipulate inside sketchup.

If anyone has experience or suggestions on a way o o this reasonably economically that would be great.
Thanks in anticipation

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With the files you obtain from scans (OBJ, FBX, DAE, etc), use Transmutr, Skimp or Universal Importer for simplify and import the 3D model into SketchUp, then you’ll be able to use it.

I bought a ipad pro and use the Lidar scanner. I use it to scan landscaping. When the scanned mesh is too heavy, I use the extension SKIMP to reduce the polygon amount when importing. SKIMP also respect the UV texture that the scanner generate. This is a must for me.
I then remodel or regenerate the scan with simpler mesh or geometry. It work like a charm.
I use the app “3d Scanner app” or Canvas.

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Thanks for the input.
I have done a bit of tinkering with a few converters and ended up using Skimp, whilst it works and the profile compared with one of our side profiles for this van appears to be remarkably accurate, please attached.
What I would dearly like to do is section cuts at certain chosen positions along a model to extract the profile, however I am not having much success as Sketchup seems to be locking up.

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated and I am attaching the model as well.

Van side 3d.skp (1.1 MB)

I am very grateful for your help.
Many thanks indeed!

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SketchUp locking up could mean your computer is not up to the task, especially the graphics card.
Maybe if you update your profile someone can give you an educated guess.


Scan Essentials has been released and it is now in the Studio subscription. This may help you your efforts. If your scanner can export tzf, e57, las/laz, or ply point cloud files, the pointcloud can be inserted into SketchUp and you wont have to worry about a complex mesh to deal with. Your reference model can be the scan and your products will be the only geometry.

Hope this helps

Hey Joe, did you get the 3D scanner app with the logo of the three boxes, or the one with the house and the lines as the icon? It looks like there are two scanner apps with the same name. I bought an iPad Pro, and I’m looking to play around with it a bit! Thanks!

Take a look at Udet software, it handles Point cloud really well. They are an add ou to SketchUp but only work on the PC version.

This one. And I use Canvas as a plan B.