SketchUp PLY import of 3D Scan of Head

I want to import a test 3D scan of my face to see if I can model in in the missing parts (i.e. under the chin and the back of the head). The model was created in an app called Scandy on an iPhone Xs.

This is the model:

There’s a premium service that allows you to export the scans as either PLY, STL, or OBJ.

I tried OBJ and used the OBJ Simlab importer extension and got nothing. I tried zoom extents and everything, but based on Model Info the import failed.

I tried STL and got the following wire mesh:

I wanted to try the PLY, but there doesn’t seem to be anything to support it?

I was thinking for the STL that I need to apply the texture as a second step or something, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to extract/separate the skin within the app.

Any suggestions?

There’s a built in upload feature to SketchFab, so I’m making the model available for download and going to see if I can get a SU friendly file from that, but any suggestions would be welcomed.

What scale did you use when you imported the obj and stl? They could fail due to tiny faces if you try to import them too small. Try adjusting the import options.


Good call for improving the wireframe




But what about the texture?

jim Foltz’s ply Importer is still around…

but I don’t recall if ply supports texture…

stl does’t, VRML does and you can import it [.wrl]…


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Tig has an obj importer with Materials.

And Quadface tools adds an obj importer., knowing thomthom that most likely supports materials too.

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