Iphone 12 Lidar ...will or can SU open or interface

Hey All,
Recently acquired an iPhone 12, and it has a LiDAR scanner built-in. I’m wondering if sketch up is planning on or does currently support any interface for this product.

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Search the forum for “point cloud” and you will find examples of how people are already working with other lidar scanning devices. I know nothing about the iPhone 12 lidar, but it seems to me that a key question is whether it can generate a point cloud and export it in a format that SketchUp can import (or that can be converted into such a format). If it is feasible, it seems likely that some user will before long tell us how.

But by policy, Trimble never reveals plans for new features in SketchUp, so unless it can be done using already existing capabilities or some independent developer writes an extension, don’t expect to see an announcement until it is ready for release.

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thank you.

Hi, I recently saw this being shared in the linkedin, a Sketchup user used his iPad Pro to scan his garden and used Scan Essentials plugin to import the data to Sketchup for modelling. Check it out here https://www.linkedin.com/posts/derek-lawrence-22101025_ring-ring-sorry-youve-had-a-meeting-with-activity-6722794468208119808-rBP5/
You can get a 30 days free trial of Scan Essentials via the extension warehouse here
Give a try with your iPhone 12, and let us know how it goes! Look forward to seeing your update.


Thank u