Outdoor Site Visit Scanning

Just starting to venture into the 3D scanning world. So far I’ve got by with wrapping aerial pics onto terrain, but more often than not the pic and terrain aren’t up to date. Did our 1st scan yesterday of a small road bridge getting a new pipe bridge added. We used Polycam on an iPhone13. But just seems a bit too hobby for what we need. I like what we get, but seems you have to get up pretty close. We therefore couldn’t get everything as a stream was in the way.
So i’m keen to hear what else is being used out there?
My thoughts are to find something small and handy for an estimating team to use. A drone comes with various issues which I think something handheld might be easier, but 'spose would be good to have a longer range than what you get with a phone App.
Would be looking at outdoor civil structures, or green/brown fields to receive one. Recon not more than around 50x50m areas.
There you go, look forward to hearing back from 'yall.

I just saw this (literally 10mins ago) and I’m going to give it a try. I’ve absolutely no idea about it other than a quick skim through the video before I go to work but it looks very interesting.