3D Scanners That Can Be Used In SketchUp

Hi All,
I’m looking for a 3D scanner (either physical scanner camera product or applications/softwares using phone camera). I need to scan a ceiling for a project to see the pipelines in a 3D model. For now it is for the piplines, but I will be using it for future projects as well scanning other things other than pipelins.

Better if I can use for both sketchup and autocad.

If anyone has any suggestions pls let me know.
Thank you!!!

ps. it’s kinda urgent

I think that any scanner or scan app will work, sketchup just needs the data from the scanner or app, the point cloud or mesh, it doesn’t matter how or what created it. you could even use a photogrametry software like meshroom and import the 3D Mesh from sketchup in case you don’t have a phone with Lidar for scanning.

How far are the pipes? It’s really important…

Polycam works great with the iPhone LiDAR scanner and it is affordable. https://poly.cam/

Scan essentials for sketchup supports all the standard point cloud formats that even the free LiDAR Scanner apps will output.
.e57 , Las and Laz for example.

Any iPhone or iPad with the LiDAR Scanner function can use it
3d scanner app

SketchUp for iPad (beta) even has some built in functions for iPad Pro that can scan a room

Do you have a particular that you use often?

I’m not really sure cuz I haven’t seen the inside of the ceiling yet… but it is just a recording studio ceiling. it has 19 sprinklers… that’s the only info I have so far…

Yup I am also considering Polycam. Is it easy to import the data to SketchUp or do I need a sketchup extention to import the data files? Also, does it come in clean or do I need to do clean ups?

Where does one find these built in scanning features/functions? Oops, sorry… yes! I was hoping a new, higher rez scanner was made available. It’s been awhile since using this.
The scan feature is really for basic shapes, so a room is doable. Small desktop objects with any detail will have a hard time but, for rooms… good.