What is your favorite LiDAR app? Paid or not

Hi all. Does anyone have any recommendations for a LiDAR app that plays nice with exporting to Sketchup and for other .dwg applications?

Many thanks!

3dscanner app
3D Scanner App - LIDAR Scanner for iPad & iPhone Pro


This will even make a basic 3d model as you scan- very clever

These are 2 that I’ve used, both free , but will give you a format to use in scan essentials. I usually go for e57


I use 3D Scaner App too. It has direct export to .dae

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I use the paid version of Polycam, there is a free version as well. It captures well, with options and exports a variety of formats.

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Oh wow, that is a lot of formats!

Downloaded and did a quick test of free version of Polycam – very impressed!
Here’s a figurine I have:

Here’s the imported Polycam scan into SketchUp:

I will need to investigate more how to use this with my needs and workflow. Very cool indeed!

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