Polycam 'Room' feature

The new room scan feature on Polycam is amazing. It does most of the hard work for you then spits out a SU ready mesh.

This was 2 mins walking around the kitchen…

It recognises furniture and lets you ‘remove’ them from the output. Oh, and it will also show a plan with dimensions…

Game changer?

Thanks for the tip.
Is this using LiDAR for the iPhone?

Or photogrammetry?

What file format do you export from Polycam for this.

Many thanks



It’s the iphone/ipad version using LiDAR. middle option under the button.

Export as a .dae the use ‘import’ in SU.

Is this a sketchup studio only feature?

Hi Nick, that’s great, thankyou, I shall give it a go

all my best


… it’s not a SU feature.

it’s Polycam. an app by another company (the polycam company I’d say)

and apparently it lets you export a collada file (.dae), and importing that is not a studio feature. might not even be a Pro feature.

need to try that. anyone has a lidar iphone for me ? :sweat_smile:

Polycam is a paid app. You can’t export to dae for free.
There os another free app called 3Dscaner pro which lets you to export to dae for free

How do you manage to have a clean 3D model. When I export in Dae I have still a model that ressemble of cloud points. Is there a specific setting or a specific way to scan?

You receive a mesh. It’s normal. You can simplify it with plugins like skimp.

Thanks, I will try

Useless for precise scanning and modeling.
Measurements are off like up to 50 mm on standard 4 or 5m long wall.
It is absolut rubbish.
Imagine travelin 300 km on site to take scan that is anyway not precise . So you have to take all measurements manualy as usually and not waisting time with scanning.
I really wish i could say otherwise.

I don’t agree with you. It’s not precise but you save a lot of time modeling. With a few measurements you get a good work, specially if your model has curves.