Starting layout from Pro 2023

are there any example videos out there?

It doesn’t take a video. To open LayOut from SketchUp go to the File menu and click on Send to LayOut.

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yeah and what I get is a 1st floor plan laying in the lower corner of a page. and why isn’t a D sized page an option? would that have been so tough Trimble?

Share you LayOut file so we can see what you’ve set up.

There are Arch D sized templates but you can (and should) create your own template with the desired paper size along with title block and other stuff that is common to your documents.

None of it is tough and you are in control f what your document looks like. Maybe you should go through the tutorials at

None, that is No, as zero, D sized templates were listed in the options when it opened. The largest listed was Tabloid. And nowhere did it show “create your own”.

Really? There are a number of Arch D templates available.

There’s no reason you can’t change the paper size for one of the other templates. That’s done in Document Setup>Paper… Make the paper whatever size you want. Either choose from the list or set a custom paper size if you want.

The shipped templates are intended as a starting point for your projects. They aren’t intended to be the only templates you can use.

It’s the same thing as in SketchUp. Start a LayOut document and make whatever changes you want for your own template. Then use File>Save as template to save it for later use. The template will include your text choices (font, dimension style, label leader style, etc.) as well as page borders, title block content, layers, number of sheets, etc.

Again, share your LayOut file so we can see what you’ve got. It’ll make it possible to help you with the way your model shows up when you send it to LayOut.


Here’s a screenshot of one of my templates. I have maybe a dozen of my own templates. This is for Arch E paper. The text properties are set, there are layers for different types of entities, and some of the text in the title block is auto text so that content fills from Document Setup>AutoText.

deleted long angry rant about people blaming the software before they even have a basic understanding of how it works and what it can do

Dave you are a saint, zen master, and a very patient human. Hats off to you for answering these types of questions day in and day out.


I asked if there were any instructive videos and what I got was “just open it from inside sketchup”. Duh I tried that and it kept giving me an error about being signed in even though I was already signed in. I even restarted my computer. Then I get “” and I had been there only to find a garage video from 2015. Not a very instructional video at that and that instuctor never went down the templates path that swammie showed…

if you have angry rants that need to be deleted I suggest you just stay away from any post because nowhere in any of my posts did you see anything that should have triggered you. My advice to you is don’t read my posts if you are that close to the edge

Nowhere in your original post did you say that you had already tried that and had problems. If you’d included that information from the beginning I would have gone down a different route with my first reply.

What “garage video”? When I go to and log in I see this:

Sorry I tried to help. I’ll quit now.

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your help was appreciated but the snarkie comment of bmike was not.

^^ This is what I was referring to. Not your first post where you were vaguely asking for help.

There is a D sized option, I’ve been using large sheets since before Trimble acquired the software. And with a bit of homework you would know that you can make a sheet any size you want. I’ve used it for business cards as well as D sized Arch sheets and lots of things in between.

Good luck with your project. I’ll go outside and yell at clouds now.

the “send it to Layout” was the first source of my frustrations. I just signed out of sketchup and signed back in because that seemed to work one time. Then I get this message again this morning. If anyone should scream at the clouds it should be me. All of this should work much more seamlessly.

I just signed out, shut down, signed back in got the same error message so I signed out from the sketchup page and signed back in and now it sends the file again. And, while I’m at it this is the page that comes up first time. “Titleblock” is not some place I would intuitively go to find page size, that would be under “Paper”. I expect software to not only not crash, do weird stuff, but also be intuitive. I’ve had CAD training just never used it while I was working because I always had engineers to do it for me and my time was better spent engagng in more strategic activities than nuts and bolts. Advanced degrees in separate engineering fields, a PE license but never had to use it. Now
I’m retired and designing a home to build a home where I want to live. I’ve gotten this far and all I want now are construction documents which seems to be the most difficult part. I don’t need trees, rendering from inside, I just want D sized prints to get the house built.
This should be the easy part. Once in and I do manage to get a “scene” sent over it fills about half of the D size. Moreover when I zone to get a “sticky” snap to for dimensions it loses granularity so dimensioning just never seemed like an option inside Layout so I dimensioned in Sketchup and a lot of dimensioning leadsers, arrows watever, get lost.


Paper is for blank paper. Titleblock is for paper with a Title Block preplaced (Cartouche, in french)
The templates are location related, on a french layout, I only get A4-A3 templates, BUT I’m free to change the paper to pretty much any size that was ever made in the document setup panel, at any time. like any other layout software.

At this point layout could simply offer one single default paper size, it would be fine. Open it, and go change the size.

If your SU don’t offer D pages standard, open any type of page, and just resize it to D as Dave explained (picture above).
If you want to use one of the offered D papers but you don’t like the default block they put on it, then just delete it. just like the figure in a default sketchup file.

Or, again, like dave said, create your own templates, just like in sketchup.

Layout it actually very easy to use. If you don’t know how to use it, check this course Dave advised :

There is a whole chapter covering the exact thing you need. changing scale, placing correctly in the paper, parameters, this sort of stuff.

As of the granularity, it’s a display thing. other layout softwares like InDesign do exactly the same, they don’t import the whole file, just a low res preview. if you need it to be high res, you can change it the document setup, or switche your sketchup view to vector. How? well again, it’s explained in the course :wink:

I’ve got a German Master of Science in Architecture, a French Bachelor’s degree in architecture and a Spanish University Diploma in Architecture.

Yet when I need to use a software, I start by tutorials and classes. Just this week I took a 5 day refresher course on Archicad. Meanwhile I’ve bought Qcad a couple years ago and due to a lack of training on my part, I still don’t know how to use it.

Sketchup and Layout are intuitive. But like any other software, you can’t just open them and expect to be able to do everything just by intuition. I first opened Layout after years on Sketchup and InDesign and it was easy, yet I felt the need to watch a 20 min “broad strokes” video at the time, to make sure I understood how it worked.
And like you said yourself, your CAD training days are long gone and you never capitalized on them, so you need to take the time to learn. Take the online course, it’s not long, and it will solve many questions you have.


Have you watched all of these? They are free:

Tools just don’t give a ■■■■ how many degrees you have or how things ‘should work’. Yes, you can pull nails with a claw hammer, but if I have a thousand of them to pull I’m going for a cat’s paw or a larger crow bar depending on the task at hand (are we saving antique trim, or are we taking apart an old barn?). The hammer doesn’t care that ‘I’m smart!’ - it will do whatever I try to make it do.

Take a pause, watch the videos and start working smartly instead of trying to brute force it.
And then come back with more questions - and be sure to adjust your attitude before you do. Most everyone here is super helpful, and have long passed the point in their learning where they needed to dimension things or setup paper sizes or templates. When you do get stuck share the files, share a video or screen shot, and explain what’s happening instead of ‘It’s not working the way I think it should…’

I think I explained what wsa happening pretty well. Starting with the repeating error about signing in when I sign out and in and eventually it sticks. Good software doesn’t do that.

actually the CAD skills came back fairly quickly as you can see from my whole house model. A single story with walkout basement. The short tutorials for Sketchup on youtube proved very helpful. All of it came not without learning to be careful in selecting points to draw from or to because Sketchup doesn’t automatically join segmented lines and if you don’t take care to zoom in to pick your spot you can wind up starting over, which I had to do or you won’t get surfaces to “close”.

BTW, and honestly not to belabor it, but the simple way to scale was to double click the group, right click, and select scale. This wasn’t shown in Layout Essentials maybe because it was Mac/Apple.

layout works the same in PC and mac.

double clicking on a SU model in LO will open the free camera movement mode.
A single click on the model is enough, then right click will give you possibility to scale. Or in the “sektchup model” panel on your right (this method is generally the one shown in tutoriels)

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