24x36 drawing in Layout

I need to work in Layout on a 24x36 drawing but I don’t see any template that size.

How do I do it?

Thank you!!

You can manually adjust paper size. Just select any template.

This one I know!. you should see the option for ARCH D which is 24 by 36 in the title block options. or you can change via page set-up options.

I guess:
More Templates>>Titleblock>> ArchD…
Should be that size.

Thank you guys!!!

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I was trying to insert a PDF file on a 24x36 sheet, but I guess we cannot do that. Can we?

Not on Windows.

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As far as I remember form the user manual I read, .pdf only supported on Mac. But should not be influenced by 24’x36’ sheet size.

You are correct. Not supported on Windows and nothing to do with paper size.

Thank you Dave!!!

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