LAYOUT template sizes

Could someone tell me which template is 18x24 inches? Thanks

Arch C is 18x24 inches. There isn’t a template of that size in the supplied set of templates but you can easily make your own that size.

I have no Arch C, only Arch D in LO 2016

This is LO2016.

Even if you don’t have it in the list, there’s nothing preventing you from manually entering the dimensions.

Here is what I see - it’s different from yours

There seems to be a difference between the Windows and Mac version here. Are Mac users supposed to know the dimensions of their sheet sizes by heart?


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My screen shot is from Windows. I’ll have to look at my Mac when I get home to compare it.

In any case, you can manually enter the paper size for your template.

don’t you?

they are defined in the Print Dialog and inherited…

if you want to change them, copy width into height box and it auto scales width to the printer ratio, and split it onto 2 sheets if printed…


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Actually the long list in the Windows version as shown in Dave’s screenshot is not too helpful for us Finnish architects as we often use sheet sizes that aren’t on the list. Our standard is to use any multiples of vertical A4 that can be folded to that size so you come to know a bit of the multiplication tables of 297 or 210 by heart.


Mac version, from File / New:

There is a nice selection, but by name only and not size. The PC version is more user friendly.