Printing on bigger/smaller sizes of paper


I have my SketchUp model in Layout, all polished, and ready to print but I’ve encountered a problem: I’m trying to print my layout document on a 36" x 24" piece of paper. How do I configure the printing setting to accomplish this?


What size paper template did you choose to place the model on in Layout?


I used the “A4 Landscape” template as my model is a 2 dimensional blueprint.


Why didn’t you use the ArchD paper size - 24" x 36" since that’s the size you want to print to?


None of the templates seemed to indicate a specified size and I assumed that was to be determined at the point of printing. I chose the A4 Landscape template simply due to it’s appearance which looked to suit my purposes. How does ArchD differ from the A4 template?



Ah, I see, well that clears up my most recent question. I will try running the model through the ArchD template and see if I get different results. Thank you.


It’s too bad that the paper sizes don’t show up when you first open layout and get the templates. Open up a blank Layout file and choose any one of the templates. Next click on the “File” menu and then “Document Setup”. Then click on “Paper” and a drop down list will show up with all the paper designations and sizes. You can set your paper size from there if you wish.