Paper size wrong when printing to scale

I want to print a model in Sketchup on A4 landscape paper at a scale of 1:1. I use print setup to set the paper to A4 landscape then go to print preview. There I find that the paper size is set to 8 inches by 5. If I correct this to A4 dimensions in millimetres the scale jumps to from 1:1 to some apparently random numbers. If I reset the scale to 1:1 now the paper size jumps to some apparently random numbers. How do I get the correct paper size at a scale of 1:1?

Your profile says you are using SU Pro so you will have access to Layout. Are you trying to print from that or directly from SU? Layout is of course designed specifically as a presentation tool and may eliminate the problem you have had.

I don’t print directly from SU much but I have just taken a look at what happens when you do.

You have presumably used Print Setup to tell SU what page size to use, as here:

When you go to print, another dialog box appears. This is related to the printer’s own settings. If you regularly use A4 (as I do) you will probably have set it to use that page size. But have you?

Here is what my Default Settings for my printer are:

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