Printing to scale from model to layout

So I’ve drawn up some 2D and 3D designs using SketchupPro 2019. All of my model is to the exact sizes it needs to be. However I now need to import this into layout onto my company template. How do I set a scale of say 1:100 or 1:50 specifically for an A1 page? Also, is there a way of creating an A1 template? I used to just use an A3 one and print to A1 but it makes my work blurry as its stretched.

I need to be able to print my work at a chosen scale on A1 for clients.

Any ideas??

Paper size is set in File > Document Properties > Paper.

Viewport scale is set in the SketchUp Model panel when the viewport is selected.


I don’t seem to have an A1 paper size option? Does it only go up to A3?

Are you looking in File>Document Setup>Paper? Are you using Windows as your profile indicates?
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If you don’t have it as a preset you can also enter the exact measurements of an A1.

Fab Thanks!

It’s now just getting my drawings directly from Sketchup to being printed to scale at A1 on a template thats confusing me. I need to be able to ensure when its printed its at an 1:50 or so size on the A1 paper.

Thanks for your help everyone.

Make sure you have created a scene or scenes showing your model with the camera set to Parallel Projection and the appropriate standard view. Then use those scenes as viewports in LayOut and, as @eneroth3 wrote, set the scale for the viewports to 1:50 in the SketchUp Model panel.

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