Printing to scale house plans from sketchup on A1 paper on a pc

Hi, I want to print from sketchup pro a set of house plans on A1 paper (841mm x 594 mm) . This will be at o local printers so I need to save the file on a stick in such a format that they can print to 100:1 scale or I suppose I could print directly from the pc. Can anybody help me with this–quite new to sketchup and an amateur! I cant find a video tutorial that shows how to do this on a pc. Thanks, Nick

Set up scenes in SketchUp to show the views you want, send the file to LayOut and create viewports from the scenes with the scale set as desired. Export a PDF and send or take that to the printer.

Thanks Dave I will try that now–Nick

Ive got a lot to learn-trying to find out what a viewport is ?

In LayOut, a viewport is a view of your SketchUp model which should be based on a scene in the model file. For example, in this LayOut file, the views of the tables are viewports, each of which uses a different scene in the SketchUp model.

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Mine is a simple front end and plan, 2 dimensional drawing of a house, before and after

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