Print from Sketch Up 2D in a A3 at a Scale of 1:200/1:100/1:50 on a Mac

Hello All,

Im having real issued printing from Sketch Up at a scale, saving as a PDF. I have unchecked parole project, and view to fit. I am now left with document set up etc and scale. I want to print at 1:100 for some plans and 1:50 for some elevations. So I set the scale up at .1m in model and 1m in drawing, but it won’t fit on a A3 page. its not a big drawings and 1:100 is a perfect scale. Plus when I go back to check its moved the scale to things such as .03 in model and 2.7 in drawing. Please help!

Is this a question about printing from LayOut ?

For scale 1:100, you have to set the sale as 1m in printout is 100m in SketchUp.

That would be 1:10 scale, not 1:100


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Jack where did you get info the cited scale is perfect.?
I assume you trying to print the model on A3 ( 297mm x 420m) .IE landscape vs portrait. When you print the program makes some allocations for margins, tool bars etc. You need to set the desired drawing to match the aspect ratio ( as close as possible to you screen ) and of course the printer sheet size to A3 unless you are trying to print on Landscape as noted above. If you go then to the print preview screen and select fit to page Su will show the page size it calculates it will print and will also give scale info on what the scale is to print to that one A4 (A3) page. Su then uses the pixel extents of your model to calculate the screen size and using that and the margin allocations above to print to the page. There are some plugins that resize the view port that my help but have not used so hesitate to suggest… :grimacing: