Different dimensions in layout

Wonder if anyone can help,
Upgraded to 2023 Sketchup pro, when I import to layout and add dimensions to the model they show different sizes.
Ie when I scale to 1;100 and scale the model is of a different size than when scaled to 1:50
I have demonstrated by drawing a box on the attached doc.

Sorry for the bad explanation

Drawn to scale.pdf (807.4 KB)

Share the LayOut file. I expect there’s a simple solution but seeing your file will eliminate the guesswork.

Please update your forum profile. It says you are using 2021.

Thank you for getting back to me,

What I had done was copy an older layout file (2022) and turn in to a template (2023) to save time adding all my scarp book files, etc etc, I have now created a new template in 2023 and the problem seems to have been resolved,
I would have thought 2022 – 2023 would have been compatible.

Thanks once again.

They would be compatible. There must be something in the template set up or someother change you made that created the issue. I guess you have it sorted out even if we don’t know what it is so onward and upward.