Fundamental Layout Questions

I’ve made a series of 24X36 templates for Layout ranging from Cover Sheet, Site, A1, A2 … etc. I made them containing only generic titleblock information and logo. I want to open template A1 (floor plan) in Layout. When I do that, the template opens with the viewport of the floor plan of the last project I was working on. I was expecting a blank generic template. I was assuming that the Layout Project file would have been saved separately from my templates. What am I not understanding?

Did you save the blank template as a template? Or are you opening the last project file?

It’s not a bad idea to have the SketchUp model views inside your template, but they do have to be referenced to a SKP file, even a blank one.

Best approach is to create a copy of the last good model you worked on, and then delete all the Geometry from it, just leave the scenes, tags, etc, and any generic materials or components loaded in to it that you want to keep - this becomes a blank Template SKP file.

Then in Layout, your Template LO file can be edited so that it references this new blank SKP file, instead of the original.

Thanks both.
I must be opening the last project file but I thought the blank templates were all saved as templates. Obviously, I’ve missed a step.
Sam - I’ll try it.

Layout Preferences has some startup options.

Thanks for this.

  • first time to become aware of Layout Preferences.

The screenshots are of the bottom right hand corner of a Layout template. There is a bright red arrow associated with the Text Box that I can’t get rid of.
Any help here?

Red Arrow w VP
Red Arrow

The red arrow indicates the text box is larger than the text and its surround padding. If you pull the edge of the text box down it’ll go away. In many cases you may actually not need to resize the text box, though. The red arrow won’t show in your PDF export and as long as the text itself is fully displayed, it won’t be a problem.

Got it.

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