Started getting "Are you in the right place?" today and can't sign in anymore via Google

Earlier today we started getting “Are you in the right place?” errors and students/teachers can no longer sign in. It was working this morning, stopped working April 27, 2021 sometime between 12:15pm & 1:30pm Pacific. I am the Google G Suite domain administrator and we have the Drive plug-in installed for all users on our domain, and all permissions granted. We’ve been using SketchUp for Schools for a few years, just won’t let any of us log in now.
Pasadena Christian School domain is (for staff) and (for students)!

I also am having this problem.

Same here!

I can’t get back into my account to continue working on a school project. How soon can you fix this?

I also started a school project and cannot get back to it because of the same issue. How can I get back to being able to work on my project

Yikes!!! Me too!
Manhasset Schools

I am having the same problem, right in the the middle of my year 4/5 unit

I’m unable to login as well too.

We are having same problem at and

Same problem. Please help!!

Good Morning,

We are having the same issue where we are having all users (Teachers/Students) in the authentication loop. I have verified we have allowed pop-ups in our google admin setup. (teachers) / (students) is our domain, can you please verify?

That happened with me as well

We are also having the same issues. Our domain is

Same here.
Howard County Public Schools

Same problem here.

Here is a Screen Recording, i tried not to share anything that shoudn’t be shared

As you can see, it is in the format

Same issue for us. We are a charter school using Google Suites for Education. We have been using Sketchup for schools and now we can’t log in.

Having same issue

And so… What is the solution? Does anyone know?