Stamp tool help!

I’m using the Stamp tool but instead of creating a flat surface which I can push/pull, it’s cutting a hole out of my terrain - any ideas why? (and how do I stop it!) Thank you!

Can you share the model? Otherwise all we can do is guess.

Hi there,
I’ve uploaded the model (I hope!)
AM Gardens_West Marches Version 6.skp (4.6 MB)
Thank you, Alice

Terrain group it’s nested inside another group (not the reason for the strange behavior, but if you’ll take outside the terrain from that group, you will be able to use the Stamp tool)

Hi Mihai,

Thank you for that, I’ve watched your video but I can’t quite work out how you have managed to solve the problem. It looks like you have opened the terrain group and done something to it to change it’s state, but I can’t see what. You seemed to select some part of the terrain and then de-select it…?

I really appreciate your time on this,


I opened the group, and inside you have the terrain group and contour lines as raw geometry. Select the terrain group, cut it (Ctrl+X), exit the group editing mode and then Paste in place.

Or you can just turn on the Vegetation tag

Thank you so much! That’s so helpful and exactly what I needed. I think I need to do some more tutorials to get a better understanding of the relationship between raw geometry and groups/components.

That was super helpful though and I really appreciate your time.

Best wishes, Alice

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