Help with stamp tool in terrain

HI there helpful people!
I have created a terrain from a DWG file, and have the terrain, contours, blocks etc in separate groups. I’m using the stamp tool to drop blocks into the terrain - it works but with two problems:

  1. An outline of the stamped shape is duplicated and dropped further up in the terrain. This occurs with all the shapes I am attempting to stamp, not just this one.
  2. The terrain edges are attaching to the stamped shape

I’m sure I’m doing something wrong - any pointers in the right direction much appreciated, thanks in advance.


As in the other discussion of yours about the Stamp tool, did you make sure that you created and arranged the model correctly (groups, tags, geometry, etc.)?

Hi Mihai.s,

Thanks for your reply - I believe so, although I may be wrong? The terrain is in one group, the house in another, and each of the 4 different terrace areas are in their own groups etc. and these are all on separate tags.

I would upload the file but it’s too big, I think…

Made a short vid to show issue

It’s possible that the surface of the terrain has some problems or maybe just the fact that you chose 0.01. Try with a higher value, maybe 1 or 10 and see if errors still appear.

The forum in general is for discussions, there are specially created services for file sharing (GDrive, Dropbox, etc.), which generate a link that you can then share with whoever you want.

Hope this is it!

There is excessive nesting of the terrain geometry which might be part of your problem.

There’s no reason to have the terrain geometry in a group in a component in a group as you do.

I fixed that and added the skirt to the object to make the terrain a solid group. First that should make Stamp easier to use. It would also mean you could use the Solid Tools to trim out parts of the terrain if you make the objects you want to trim with solids, too. I didn’t go through the rest of your model to check for other solids.

I also see incorrect tag usage. All edges and faces should be left untagged. Only put tags on groups and components.
Screenshot - 3_3_2023 , 8_09_24 AM

And I purged unused stuff from the model. This reduce the file size significantly.
Screenshot - 3_3_2023 , 8_09_43 AM

See if this Stamp works better with this version of the model.

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As in the other case, your terrain is nested components. If you select the terrace and insert it inside the nested component, at the lowest level, next to the terrain group, then the Stamp tool will work. Or if you take out the terrain at the group level of the terrace.

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Thank you SO much. That’s absolutely sorted it. I really need to get to grips understanding with how to organise my objects (I feel like a toddler trying to bash a square shape in a round hole…!!!)

I’m very grateful for your speedy response and perfect solution - many thanks again

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and input - that’s exactly the problem and it’s now working perfectly.

Also I need to learn the Solid Tools function…!

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Excessive nesting seems to be a common issue for new users. It is important to get a good handle on that as well as on proper tag usage. That will make your models easier and more predictable to work with.

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