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I recently had the opportunity to dig in a little deeper to the sandbox tools, particularly the stamp tool. Visions of all the time I’ve wasted over the years not having an understanding of that!

One thing, though, and I’m hoping I’m simply missing something, but the stamp tool doesn’t seem to use the inferencing engine in SU. I was placing building pads in a sloping terrain model and had modeled a plane at the elevation I want the surface of the pad. Thinking I could inference a corner of the plane. But stamp wouldn’t do that, I had to just “eyeball” it to the elevation.

Is this the behavior of the tool? Seems odd that it wouldn’t inference similar to push/pull etc.

Anyway, just a little puzzling is all.

Best to all!


I see that, too, Bob. Not sure why it is like that but you’re right. Inferencing doesn’t seem to be active with Stamp. Have a look at this, though.

It looks like the intent is not to have the stamped terrain faces moved to meet the slab or whatever. The expectation is that you set the height of the stamping and move the slab or whatever down to meet it.

Still, it seems like inferencing would be useful here since there’s no way to set a height like you could with Push/Pull

Yea, I read that too. Problem is, that when you have a height envelope to stay within and floor to floor heights, you arrive at a calculated elevation for the building pad. It’d be great if you could set the stamped pad at that elevation. I wasn’t too far off eyeballing it - about an 1/8". The guys in the field aren’t going to get it that close.

I wonder if that’s something one of the plug in geniuses could look at?

Have a great day, Dave!


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I know @TIG wrote an extension (CutNFill) that does building pads and lets you estimate cut and fill volumes. It’s over at SketchUcation. Search on “Cut Fill”.

I will check that out, Dan. Thanks!

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