Stamp tool - offset to be 0?

Hi everyone, hope you’re all well.

Just wondering if it’s possible when ising the Stamp tool to set the offset to be 0mm so that it gives you perfectly vertical cut lines?

I have tried several times but it keeps defaulting to 25mm.

Not a huge deal as it’s barely noticeable but I like clean and straight lines so just wondering if there’s a solution or something I could do?

Thanks and best wishes.


Window>Model Info> Units
Disable length snapping…

Many thanks for the reply, unfortunately that doesn’t seem to work? It’s still got an offset of ~25mm.

I’ve as attached the .skp in case it’s me and anyone has 2 minutes to check.

Thanks again.

I gave up on the stamp tool and make the terrain a solid and then subtract the foundation.

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Great shout, never thought of that! Thanks mate.

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