Sandbox Stamp

Please could someone offer some advice with Sandbox Stamp tool. As you can see in the video, I am trying to stamp the shape of the river into the terrain I have already created. The first problem is that it will not adjust the offset to 0. Secondly when I try to stamp the shape it always creates the walls that you see in the video, if anyone could offer some advice that would be amazing

It would be helpful if you could share the .skp file.

Stamp does not accept an offset of 0 by design. You could probably use other methods to get what you are after, though.

CONTOURS 24.09.skp (1.5 MB)

Here it is, many thanks!

CONTOURS 24.09.skp (1.4 MB)

Part of the problem is due to the size of the model. Surely the plot you are working on is larger than this.

I have already scaled the model down to a suitable size

You scaled it down? The terrain is supposed to be less than one meter square?

Here I’ve scaled it up by 1000 and stamped the river with no problem.

At the tiny size you have in your model, you are running into issues with small faces among other problems.

Oh that’s great, thank you. I didn’t realise the size would be a problem. I will work at a bigger scale then.

Why don’t you work at real world dimensions? For something like this that would be a whole lot easier.

I had worked in AutoCAD at 1:1 to get the details I require, and then scaled it down to work at the model size I wanted in Sketchup (the model will eventually be CNC machined). I thought by using a smaller scale in Sketchup it would work better and faster, but I was wrong! Thanks so much for your advice

Better to wait until you are finished modeling to scale it down. Or depending on what file format you are exporting, you might not need to scale it down at all.

Hi again,

I have been trying to carry out the task you helped me with yesterday. I have scaled the model up by 1000, and then tried to stamp the river. I have attached an image of what I get, which is completely different to what you got! To test, I tried the rectangle, which works fine. Would it be something to do with my preferences? Thanks again.

I don’t know why you are getting the reversed face. Have you made the river a group?

Yes, perhaps thats why

It shouldn’t be. I made the river a component in my example but component or group, it shouldn’t matter. Now that I’m getting a little coffee in, I see there are holes in your terrain from when it was not big enough to be a bed sheet. Fix those holes before stamping the river in.

Ok I will try that thanks