Receiving an error message when trying to use the sandbox stamp tool

This is the error message that I’m getting.

Invalid Selection. There are no non-vertical faces to stamp.

I went to geo location and downloaded the location on which I wanted to place a house. Then I imported a 3d outline of a house that I had created and hovered it above the location that I wanted to place the house. Next I clicked on the stamp tool and got the error message. If I select the object prior to starting the stamp tool, it doesn’t help.

You don’t need to preselect, just take the tool and click on the house area then on the terrain and it should work.
Make sure they are placed horizontally. Blue axis is the UP direction.

Thanks for replying.

If I click on the house first I get the error message. If I click on the terrain first then the house, it works but the terrain wants to to be moved up or down.

Can you upload the model so we can give it a go?

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Sounds like the import flipped the axes - 3ds often deal with Y being “up” - while in SketchUp it’s Z. You might want to check your axis.

Where do you want it uploaded.

I tried starting all over again and got a different error message. It says “Select the mesh to stamp into or type a new
offset for the stamp”. But I can’t select the stamp.


I think that I have the axis correct. I did put it back on there but it didn’t make any difference.

You can upload it directly to the forum:

You can also drag and drop into the textbox.

But please remove non-relevant content and purge the model before uploading - keeping the filesize small.

Here you go… I hope.

wyoHome-18.skp (2.9 MB)

wyoHome-19.skp (1.9 MB)

Two things:

  1. You need to unlock the terrain your want to stamp onto.
  2. The shape you stamp needs to have a surface underneath:

    Make sure you fully cap that underside of that mesh - this is what will be used for the perimeter for the stamp.

Thanks a bunch. I had noticed that my building was solid but hadn’t yet figured out how to “fix” that or what I did wrong. A part of the building is solid and the other is not.