Stamping and moving objects


I am trying to stamp the under side of my house to an uneven terrain I made, and get that but how do I move my house to be put exactly onto of that stamped area. I do not know how to move the object directly onto of the “foundation”


Pick an easily selectable point on the foundation that corresponds to an easily selectable point on the stuff you want to move. Select ALL the stuff you want to move. Start the move tool. Click on the point on the stuff you want to move, then click on the corresponding point on the foundation.

Doing this while your view of the model allows moving the stuff without obscuring the point on the foundation will make this far simpler.


I tried that an it says “adjacent face is non parallel edge”. now im lost


As I’ve never seen that message, much less in the context of using the Move tool, I can’t go forward without more information, preferably your model. Go to: Window --> Model Information --> Statistics, then click on “Purge Unused”, then save your model. Then, while replying on this thread, look for the “up arrow” icon up top - click it to share your model with us.
If your file is larger than 3MB, you can upload to the 3d Warehouse and include a link here (up to 50MB). If your file is larger than 50MB, you’ll have to upload to a cloud storage service, like Google Drive or Drop Box, then leave a link here.


Madison’s Modern House.skp (2.6 MB)


You need t read up on using groups and components.
Make your terrain a group and your house a group then put them together.
You’ll notice in this gif when I make the house a group there is geometry left over, this is because you have hidden things in there. You need to decide what to do with them.

Here it is unhidden.


haha didnt think hiding thing would really affect me this much yikes! I’ll take what you said and work on it tomorrow thanks for taking the time to explain this!