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Being new to the whole custom terrain, what is the best way to build a new house or structure on it, because I am having some difficultly moving my completed house an a piece of land.
What is the easiest order in making a house and or structure with custom land or is it preference.

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You will receive the most cogent response if you were to provide your skp file with this request. When users ask for the “best” or “easiest” way of doing something a plethora of responses is invited. Many of these may be the best answer only to the person crafting the response.

There are a variety of methods for accomplishing specific tasks with SketchUp. If your skp file accompanies your query, everyone who reads it has a general idea of what you are looking for and you are much more likely to receive an applicable and rational response!

To include a file, click the up pointing arrow icon (at top of the Reply box, 7th from the left).
3 mb limit, if larger, then send via Dropbox or another file sharing service. Be sure to include the url and give appropriate permissions.

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I would’ve attached my project, but it is “too large” to post in here.

The question I’m trying more simply ask is when creating a house on custom terrain, what is easiest to do first, the terrain, and then make the house on top of that or vise versa…

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The simple answer is to develop your model initially, although it is not necessarily the most expedient process all the time.

Of course, buildings should be designed to be placed in the real world, so the site must be seriously considered. Once your primary design work is properly modeled, you can practically drop it at the correct location and orientation within a different SU model of your terrain. Based on the footprint and overall configuration of the site, you may need to make adjustments to one or to the other.


A house normally sits on a foundation, typically of mass concrete. So everything from the base of the foundation to the apex of the roof can be modelled.

I normally start with a model of the house, usually with a representative ground plane. Being perfectly flat, the ground plane will not represent a true site contour unless the site is regraded to suit. I would make the house into a group or component without the ground plane.

Once you have the house modelled, you can geolocate it. In the process, you may want to turn the building so that it faces the appropriate direction. You will also want to decide where to set your building vertically to suit the terrain.

Sorry, I should have added that this is not really a Sandbox related task.

You can use Sandbox Stamp to create a foundation for your house.

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