Beginner - having trouble moving some things without distorting others

Hi all,

I’m having difficulty moving a grouped section of an exterior wall without it distorting some things that are on the interior. I can’t figure out what’s going on… the things that are distorting are from another group and tagged differently. But I’m sure I’m screwing it up.

I made a short video if anyone wants to look at it. I’m sure it’s easy to diagnose.

Thank you to anyone that helps! I cannot tell you how much I appreciate it.

Your select is moving but things that are connected but not selected like that interior wall that becomes angled aren’t moving. There appears to be some hidden geometry on the right that is selected, too and it is showing with the “dot pattern.” it would be helpful if you were to upload the .skp file. I have a gut feeling that you have some incorrect tag usage going on.

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I don’t see any groups in your model, looks like all raw geometry. Raw geometry is inherently merged so moving any part will stay connected to anything else it is touching. You have some hidden geometry that is also being effected. You need to explore using groups and components which are the only way to separate geometry. Tags do not keep geometry separated, things assigned different tags still interact and stick to each other. You should only assign tags to groups or components.

I see Dave has responded so you are in good hands. As he says, drop your .skp file into a reply window to upload it so we can see what you have going on.

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I would want all the appropriate interior walls selected to move as well. You somehow selected the exterior but then that end of the interior walls gets dragged along, but the others are not selected to move so they stay where they are with the connecting wall becoming skewed. There’s other points to look at in the model, I’m sure.

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108 Valley View 2-D.skp (4.2 MB)

Hi all, Here is the file - I can’t thank you enough for this help. This is my first time trying to do this and I’m sure I screwed things up, but I’m learning at least.

Thank you in advance for any advice you have.

Your model has a mixture of correct and incorrect usage of tags. The windows are collected in a group, and it has a tag to make the entire group visible or non. But the exterior and interior walls are not grouped. They just rely on tags to make particular loose edges and faces non-visible. Tags do not isolate edges and faces from interaction, regardless of whether visible or not. So, if for example you edit an exterior wall, it will affect adjacent or intersecting interior walls too.


Well, in this case, I had ungrouped the exterior walls because I wanted to move only some of them rather than all of them. Or at least that’s what I was trying to do.

You can open a group for edit to change its individual contents. If you want to isolate some of them to not stick together when you edit, you could put them in a nested group for that. Though, in the case of walls, it seems odd to me to want to move one without also wanting to change the ones that connect with it.

About the only reason I know to explode a group is if you want to subdivide its contents into two new groups. Otherwise, just open the group for edit and make the required changes there.

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Some time spent at The Learning Center should help with the basics. It is interactive materials by the SketchUp Team.

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Yes, I might group the exterior walls separately. Usually this means you open the group of the exterior walls, and make the move, then open the interior walls group to make the move again. A little extra work to keep things neat and sane. There are plugins that allow you to work in multiple groups but you can guess that still takes more experience to operate.

(Edit: Or I should say “plugins that allow you to move elements in multiple groups at the same time without opening them to edit.”)

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Thank you - I’ll do that. I appreciate you pointing me to it.