Spinning beach ball

Hi there I have finished my project in sketch pro and am no in the process of using v ray. I have been using it for weeks now and everything was running smoothly! All of a sudden the spinning beach ball came up and won’t let me click anything. I forced quit and opened the project again, however 40 seconds in it comes up again! very stressed as I’m not able to complete any of my work! Ive tried everything, bit nothing seems to help. Please can someone help!!

What version of SketchUp Pro? What operating system and version? Your forum profile isn’t helpful.

Share your SketchUp model file so we can see what you are working with.

it says the file is too large to share :frowning:

I’m not terribly surprised. So upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Put that information along with the actual Mac OS version in your forum profile. That helps us help you.

it says I have to pay for dropbox is there a free one?

You should be able to sign up for some free space in DropBox. Or use Google Drive or WE Transfer.

will send over to you now

it also won’t let me sign in even though my liscience is applied, it says auth token not used, used must sign in. When I click the sign in button it goes all greyed out and freezes, therefore not letting me open any new files

sorry to be a pain, just very fustraited tried everything and cant do any of my work

How long did you wait before force-quitting the software? Depending on the complexity of the model, I suggest waiting at least a few minutes (if not longer, such as an hour).

ive managed to get in now all good, deleted a layer of my model beach ball still spinning cant figure out what’s wrong for the life of me

OK. First, I expect that your little MacBook Air is just going to struggle with this model. There’s a lot of excessively detailed components in it and a number of texture images that are much larger than is useful.

I fixed incorrect tag usage …
Screenshot - 1_30_2023 , 8_47_45 AM

… purged unused stuff …
Screenshot - 1_30_2023 , 8_48_05 AM

… and reduced the size of the 21 largest materials. This reduced the file size by 52%. There are still almost 4 million edges and more than 2 million faces in the model. That’s going to work your integrated GPU pretty hard.

Also note that you have a number of exposed bak faces which will be problematic in rendering. There should be no visible blue back faces. You need to fix those.

As for the Auth Token message I expect @MikeWayzovski can give you the exact path for the file you need to delete.

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Yesterday I was waiting for over 2 hours, is there any other solution as project is due soon and cant waste hours on end every time I add one light

Thank you so much!!

how do I access the new file which you edited?

Often just signing out via the help menu and then signing in again will fix this.

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I’ll upload it to DropBox and share the link.

Edit: Here’s the link.