Sketch-up 2022 Pro MAC OS Ray 5 - Spinning wheel of Death

9 of 10 times I open SU I get the death spinning wheel. I haven’t been on SU too much in a couple months but here we are. Anyone else run into this? It seems it’s happening when I open existing files at start-up.

Are you using 2022 or 2020 as your profile states? Are you on an M1 machine? What is " Ray 5 "? Is your question about V-Ray, or is it SketchUp that is crashing

I have heard of issues, not only with SketchUp, where a Mac had been on for a month or two, and some amount of slowness started to happen. You could try a restart and see if things improve after that.

I clicked on Shut Down…and it took me a minute to remember how to turn it back on!

That worked. Thanks

It’s doing it again. It’s been locking up every time I open any model.

  1. 2019 Macbook 16" Pro 2.4 Ghz 8 core I9 32GM Vray loaded. Sketchup is locking up when I open model.

Spinning wheel every time I open. All files contain NearMap’s

For the real experts to help more specific info needed….
To clarify, “spinning beachball” means the computer is “thinking”. SU will not respond while beachball spins. Does SU crash ? How long do you let the model try to load? How big are the SU files that show this behavior ?
Can you share a problem file that the gurus can take a look at ?

Also, please share a file. I know you are saying that it happens on ALL files, but we have seen cases in the past where users have added something to their template that caused an issue, os every file they opened, and any new files, experienced the same issue.

I try to open a file from recent files. It loads the file and then the wheel spins. Forever. I need to force quit it. I get an Apple report to send, not a SU bug report thing anymore.

Your file opens instantly on my Windoze box. Can you make heads or tails of the Apple report? I believe this is more to do with your computer than Sketchup.

I have no problems opening the file either.

What if you opening it by navigating to the folder? Is the folder special? Is it in the cloud or synced to the cloud? Can you start a new model normally? What if you try disabling extensions?

Yes. Documents - Icloud. So it’s safe to say the file isn’t completely downloaded?

What’s with the same file in the folder that has a ~ next to it.

I don’t use a Mac but I think that is the backup file. Unless you turn it off, SketchUp, when you save, copies the previously saved version of your file to a backup file before writing over it.

This is likely your problem. There are a whole host of issues that accompany trying to save or open files from remote storage. Save your model to your local drive and try to open it. As others here said, the file itself is fine, the issue may be that you are trying try it from a remote drive which is not something that SketchUp supports.