Pro 2022 Keeps Crashing/Stalling on certain Files

So I have had this happen multiple times over the past few months. I reopen an file from a month ago and I get the spinning wheel of death. I force quit > restart, etc. I try opening from the terminal application and the same thing happens.

I end up having to delete my preference file in my library folder on my Mac and have to reinstall everytime this happens.

The one thing I notice is when this happens on the upper main tool bar on the right hand side it looks like the issue is that it’s not connecting to the account. Usually when the program is operating like usual its a person icon with a green check mark, when the issues are happening there is just text saying “your account”. I’m not sure that this is the issue for sure, but it might be a glitch with the new way the license works? I’ve finally had a chance to post this, as it usually happens in the midst of a crazy deadline and I finally have time this week!

Have you tried clicking the account icon and signing in to SketchUp? It is possible that SketchUp is waiting for a response from confirmation of your subscription during signin.

I’m once I open sketchup it immediately stalls. On the mac it’s the spinning wheel. It won’t let me sign in or perform any other operation. My only option is to force quit. After multiple rounds of this I end up deleting my preferences in the Mac library and reinstalling.

Have you tried taking your Mac offline when this happens? turn Wi-Fi off