Beach ball on Mac

I have a question about sketchup. I’m using a new iMac Apple chip M1 , 16 gig memory. I have no photos or music on the computer. I have only a few simple drawings . all beginner level. and as I us sketchup now. I get the spinning beach ball constantly. would anyone have answer as to why and how to fix this.

Thanks Ken Ratte

I think most of the forum users are asleep and may offer a better answer later but it might be that Sketchup doesn’t work well on Sonoma. I think there are other posts in the forum saying so.

Where is the file being saved? Is it saved directly in iCloud perhaps?

hi Dave thanks for responding.
I not sure where anything is stored.
the beach ball just started to appear.

Do you have a model open? Click on File>Save as … and look to see where SketchUp is trying to save the file.

On MacOS, you can also right-click on the file name in the window title bar, and a complete path name for the file’s location will pop down. (This is true for all Mac apps, not just SketchUp.)