Beach ball on Mac

I have a question about sketchup. I’m using a new iMac Apple chip M1 , 16 gig memory. I have no photos or music on the computer. I have only a few simple drawings . all beginner level. and as I us sketchup now. I get the spinning beach ball constantly. would anyone have answer as to why and how to fix this.

Thanks Ken Ratte

I think most of the forum users are asleep and may offer a better answer later but it might be that Sketchup doesn’t work well on Sonoma. I think there are other posts in the forum saying so.

Where is the file being saved? Is it saved directly in iCloud perhaps?

hi Dave thanks for responding.
I not sure where anything is stored.
the beach ball just started to appear.

Do you have a model open? Click on File>Save as … and look to see where SketchUp is trying to save the file.

On MacOS, you can also right-click on the file name in the window title bar, and a complete path name for the file’s location will pop down. (This is true for all Mac apps, not just SketchUp.)

hi Dave. I’ve Be away for awhile, health issues.
where is the best place for files to be stored ?
things now are being sent to documents.

Glad you’re back.

I would suggest creating a folder to save your model files in. I have a specific SketchUp Models folder and for work I do for clients, I create a subfolder for the client’s project so that I can keep all files associated with the project in it.

You might also consider saving your model files to your Trimble Connect storage as a backup. You can then also access your models when you are away and, if you want to let others view your models you can get links to send to them so they can use the Online viewer.

Excellent Dave I’ll set up an alternate storage.
may I ask an additional question not related ?

Sure. Or start a new topic.

I bought a mouse from 3Dconnexions. as I rotate my drawing I’m getting small zigzag lines.
anyway around these ?
it’s the basic model ,just the dial.

Can you make a screenshot of what you are seeing? I don’t use the 3DConnexion devices but there are plenty of folks who do. Start a new thread, though and add ‘3DConnexion’ to the title to bait the 3DConnexion users in.

excellent thanks Dave .
I’ll start a new thread .
yes it’s new, and frankly , a pain so far.

I tried one some years ago and disliked it. It took up too much space on my desk which wasn’t very large to start with and took my left hand away from the keyboard. I also use SketchUp on many different computers, sometimes those that aren’t owned by me. Sticking with a regular old 3-button mouse makes it easier to go from one machine to another. There are a lot of folks who love them, though.