SketchUp 2023 not saving files

I am running Mac OS Sonoma on a newly purchased M2 Mac mini. I was working on a file, and saved 3 different versions to be safe. When I went back to open them a couple of days later none of them were there. Also, at the time, I was also rendering the files with Enscape it wouldn’t save any of the screenshots of my renders. I managed to get 4 to save (out of about 10) - but now all but one of them has disappeared from my file folder. Has anyone heard of this happening? I also had crashes using SketchUp which I sent Bugsplats for - but there were a few so didn’t do them all.

SketchUp is not supported on Sonoma. Some people are running it with good luck, some not so much. I had to roll back to Ventura in order to get work done.