Sketchup pro 2023 on mac will not save

Running sketchup pro 2023 on macOS Monterey. “save”, “save as”, “save a copy as” all show up in the file menu as expected, but selecting them does nothing. Keyboard shortcuts also do nothing. When I create a new model, and close the model or quit sketchup, I get the " Do you want to save the changes made to the document “Untitled”?" dialog, but selecting “save” does nothing. If I try and quit again, I get the same dialog.

“open recent” works as expected, but “open” just gives me a beachball.

I have rebooted my computer - no difference. I am running the latest sketchup pro 2023.

My license shows sketchup pro, annual plan, renewal Dec 2024.


Check that SketchUp app has permission to access the disk.

To where are you trying to save the file? Is it the internal drive or a cloud location?

I don’t even get that far. The “save” menu item (on a new document) literally does nothing at all. No dialog, no chance to select a filename. It’s very strange - was working fine a couple of weeks ago.

This sounded so plausible! But, no, sketchup has all the permissions.

I guess tomorrow I’ll try reinstalling :frowning_face:

Can you save files from other applications, like Word or Excel?

yes, other apps work fine. This is the weirdest thing. I was hoping it wasn’t just me :frowning:

reinstalled. Same problem. Everything seems fine except “save” et al do absolutely nothing. When I try and “open” (as opposed to “open recent”) I get the beachball and it spins and spins.

Very frustrating


I found an apple discussions thread for a similar problem [*]. It was “fixed” by (believe it or not) changing from using two screens to using one. I have been running with a laptop (opened) and an external monitor. I closed the clamshell, so I’m just using one monitor … and the bug went away. Looks like a very weird bug in Monterey, maybe also an Intel macOS bug (my laptop is old-ish).

Thank you for your attempts - I really appreciate support like this from a community.

Now back to my sketchup project …



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