How do i transfer my saved files on sketchup make on the pc, to sketchup make on my mac?

i signed in to sketchup on my mac using the same email and password as i signed in to on the sketchup on my pc, but i still can’t find the files that i saved on the pc version in the mac version

Unless you saved them to some form of Cloud storage they will still be on the local drive of your PC, you need to physically move them in some way.

how do i do that? see, its my grandmas pc, and i spent the day yesterday starting a new project, after downloading it. but I’m never able to get on her computer. however, I’m always on my macbook. so i signed in to sketchup on my mac with my acount that i used on her pc, but i still can’t find the files. i told her to try copying the file link and sending me that, and I’m currently waiting for her to do that. what do i do if that doesn’t work?

She needs to email you the actual file, not the file link.
Do you know where on her PC you saved the file?

all i did was go up to the top of the page(while on the sketchup page) and clicked “file” and then i clicked “save as”. and named it and saved it. then i exited sketchup.

Which means it is saved somewhere on the PC, G’ma needs to find that file and send it to you.
Sketchup isn’t a web based program, it works locally on the computer so saved files are only saved to the specific computer you are on, unless you upload it to some form of cloud storage.

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so, can you give me a step by step instruction guide, i tend to such at technology

she will need to login to your account on her computer and email the file to your email address from there…


thank you very much, i will tell her

hey, she i told her what you said and she said that she logged in as me, but then she said that there was no way to email it. do u know why and/or what she needs to do?

She needs to open the mail app, write you an email, and attach the file before sending it. Does she know how to send an email from her own account? It should be the same process.

Edit: maybe there are no mail accounts set up for your login! She can copy the file to somewhere both accounts can see (such as all users) and then mail it using her own login.

ok, I’m waiting for her to respond. thank you

it worked and i got it. thanks so much for your help