Files won't transfer and show up, from Mac to Windows

So i was working on SketchUp 2021 on an older Mac but needed a faster computer to finish my project. I purchased a new Windows computer, and downloaded sketchup 2021 to the new computer but I have 0 files when I login and open sketchup.

Do they not transfer from the cloud? Is there a cloud account I’m missing?
Do I need to add a user?
I have sketchup pro. just not sure what i need to do to get all my files and progress on the new computer. Is there a phone number i can call sketchup for help on this. I have 100’s of hours on this project and cant afford to lose it.

The desktop version of sketchup doesn’t automatically save to the cloud so your files are wherever you saved them.
You would need to move them from the Mac to the PC. How you do that is down to you. Via the web, a thumb drive, external hard drive etc
The .skp file will work on either mac or windows but you have to physically move them.