Moving drawings from PC to Mac

After noon all. New guy here. I’ve been using Sketchup for about 6 months. I’m an hobby wood worker and I’m learning to design my projects with this program. It really is a benefit to view them in 3D.
How ever. My PC is getting ready to tank and I thinking of up grading to an Imac.
The question is will I have difficulty switching my PC generated drawings to a Mac?
Thank you in advance

No problem at all. The file format is OS-independent, so just copy them over.

though the files will work on both systems, just note that sketchup has small differences between PC and Mac. I don’t have a list, but just expect once in awhile to notice something that was available on PC isn’t on Mac and the other way as well.

To further clarify quantj’s comment: there are GUI differences, some based on PC vs Mac way of doing things and some seemingly arbitrary (e.g. places toolbars will stick). There are differences in file locations, including plugins, materials and component libraries. But all of the contents of a model are completely portable between the two OS.