Transferring Free Sketchup Make 2016 to new MacBook Pro

My husband has been using the free version of Sketchup on his old MacBook Pro for several years. He doesn’t even sign into it, but his work is saved there. He just got a new MacBook Pro and we are wondering if he can still use the free version on the new computer? He doesn’t want to lose the work he’s done on the old computer. Any ideas?

At this point he could install SketchUp 2017 Make from and then copy his old model files to the new computer to work with them. The newer version of SketchUp will open older model files just fine.

Or he could use SketchUp Free

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Thanks DaveR. Sorry for my lack of knowledge on this, but could you tell me more how we would copy the files from the old computer and get them on the new computer into SKetchUp 2017?

The model files are just files like images or documents. You could copy the .skp files onto a USB memory stick and then copy them off the USB stick into a folder on the new computer.

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Ok, got it! Thanks again.