Just downloaded SketchUp Pro onto my new laptop - can't access files from desktop?

I know I can download my subscription onto two computers - have been using on my desktop and just got a laptop and downloaded my sketch up onto it. When I open it on the laptop, shows me as the user but there are no files attached,… How do I access the files that I have been working on in my desktop?? Same account - thought the files would show up when I logged into the account,…

If you’ve been using SketchUp on your desktop machine and just saving the files, they would normally be saved onto that computer. You could upload them to your Trimble Connect storage (in the File menu go to Trimble Connect>Publish Model) and then access them from your other computer. Or you could upload them to the 3D Warehouse or DropBox or even copy them onto a memory stick or you could network your two computers so you can access the .skp files on your desktop machine from your laptop.

Whatever option you choose, best practice is to save the files on your local (internal) drive and upload copies to the cloud storage or to the USB memory.


^^^^ This! ^^^^